Welcome to Dog Tired


Following your initial enquiry, I will phone or pay a visit to discuss your requirements. If you have multiple pets , we will design a package that suits

When choosing any of the dog walking or care packages, I will take your dog for a short walk to establish his/her behaviour, and whether or not they will fit in with other dogs in the group.

Should your dog be found unsuitable for any of my services, I will cease the consultation without any cost to you.

Dog Tired aims to be as flexible as possible when it comes to the care of your precious pet, so if there is a service you require that is not listed below then please give me a call to discuss your requirements.

Walking: Each walk lasts a minimum of 30/60min

Dogs are social animals and your dog will enjoy joining a small group to go for a good romp outside. Woods and Forests are a particular favourite and we are lucky to live in an area where there is plenty of choice for an exciting sniff around.

Home Visits: Up to 3 visits per day.

Dogs who are unable to get out and about for whatever reason (recovering from an illness, being in season, etc) still enjoy company and like being paid attention. We can play with them in your home or garden, make sure that they are fed and watered and, if appropriate, take them out of a walk on the lead. Best for Puppies under 6 months.

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